Patrick Gosserand and Sylvia Jennings combine their expertise to bring you delicious Cajun dishes.

Patrick Gosserand
Co-Owner & Chef

My passion for cooking began at a young age. I was peeling shrimp and cutting vegetables well before my 10th birthday. My roots run deep in Louisiana as my grandparents are from the Baton Rogue area. My passion for Cajun food comes from hours of cooking with my Father and Grandmother. After 30 plus years of being involved in the restaurant industry, I am ready to bring my talents all over the KC area so others can experience Cajunation! 

Sylvia Jennings
Co-Owner & Catering Manager

I’m married with 2 children. I have worked in the restaurant industry for 21 years and have been a bartender and manager of 16 years. I’ve always wanted to own my own restaurant. Our families got together and decided to open a food truck!